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Mountains and mountaineering

I’m glad you’re here.

Aside from people, I enjoy being around mountains the most. Since I’m far from being the only one, I decided to create this website and share some of my experiences, memories and plans. These may come in handy for complete mountain rookies, but also for truly seasoned and very ugly travellers.

My home country is Estonia, and many stories here have been written from an Estonian’s point of view. You are very welcome to put my thoughts into a context more suited to your country 🙂

I love travelling and talking about it, and judging by what I hear, my conversation partners also enjoy it greatly. One of the main reasons that triggered me to create this site was, however, the fact that 80% (and I’m not exaggerating) of my conversation partners only talk about which spots in the great wide world they’d love to check out one day. And in reality, most of them never really go anywhere. This really annoys me, because I don’t like dreaming about travelling from the comfort of one’s armchair, what I admire is when people proactively, and if necessary – aggressively, move towards fulfilling their dream. I find it particularly ridiculous when a 45-year-old speaks about hoping to see Italy for once in her life… Come on! Find three companions and a car, leave Tallinn and simply head south at three a.m. on a beautiful and crisp morning. By supper next day you’ll definitely be in Italy. Plus, it will pay off in more ways you can imagine.

So, on these pages I promote travelling as such in a wider sense, but also give more detailed hints that may come in handy. Naturally you won’t find all hints delivered on a silver plate and you may well have to continue reading longer than six minutes, and while doing so you may also find paragraphs that won’t give you any new information. But then again, you also have to work your way through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany in order to make it to beautiful Switzerland 🙂